Ode to Those Who Fought on D-Day

Ode to Those Who Fought on D-Day

In the annals of history, a day was etched, When courage and valor rose, unwavering and fetched. Across the vast expanse of Normandy's shore, Heroes emerged, brave souls who fought for more.

From distant lands they came, united and strong, Soldiers, sailors, airmen, a resolute throng. Marching in step, hearts fueled with purpose and might, Their mission clear, to bring freedom's light.

In the face of uncertainty and tremors of fear, They pressed forward, with determination sincere. Under darkened skies and relentless fire, They clung to hope, their spirits rising higher.

Landing on shores ravaged by war's cruel hand, They stepped onto beaches, this hallowed land. Through crimson tides, they forged ahead, With comrades falling, by sacrifice led.

Amidst the chaos and deafening roar, They pushed on, a tidal wave to shore. Through bunkers and fields, hedgerows and strife, They fought with unwavering faith in life.

Oh, brave souls, with hearts of steel, You faced the horrors that war does reveal. Your courage, a beacon that would not fade, As you pressed forward, undeterred and unswayed.

In the face of adversity, you stood tall, Defenders of freedom, answering the call. Through the smoke and dust, you never wavered, Your resolve unbroken, your honor savored.

For every fallen hero, a debt we owe, Their sacrifice, a debt we'll always know. Their memory etched in our grateful hearts, A legacy of valor that never departs.

So, let us remember, on this hallowed day, The brave souls who fought, their price they did pay. Their courage and sacrifice, forever we'll cherish, For they are the ones who shall never perish.

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