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Beaver Destroyer (BD)

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Nothing is more alluring to the North American urban beaver than fresh cut cedar; lather up with this bar, and go hunt!

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Beaver Destroyer (BD) soap is premium quality handmade soap. It is one of the best of this company. It is handmade soap with natural, organic ingredients and it smells like cedar. It is used by men and women daily. For everyday purposes, this bar is fabulous and for external use only.

Buy Beaver Destroyer Soap Online because it has many natural oil extracts from natural things, Like sunflower oil, canola oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, and olive pomace oil. sodium hydroxide lye, organic shea butter, activated charcoal, sea salt, organic shea butter, fragrance, etc. It is a very useful bathing bar due to activated charcoal. It helps to remove dead skin, and impurities, exfoliate and improves the skin texture. All kinds of oil help to nourish the skin naturally, moisturize, and glow the skin throughout the day.

Beaver Destroyer Soap Purchase Online, due to the presence of organic Shea butter that softens, nourishes and hydrates the skin from the epidermis layer. It also protects the skin damage from UV rays and environmental pollution. Sea salt also helps to exfoliate the skin and make a barrier shield to the outer layer of the skin.

Beaver Destroyer Homemade Soap Buy Online because this bar does not have any harsh chemical which is harmful to the skin texture. Its innate ingredients help to give a natural glow, improve skin tone, and look young and fresh unsurprisingly.

2 reviews for Beaver Destroyer (BD)

  1. Matt L

    Girlfriend hates the name but loves the smell. 5 star, mission accomplished.

  2. michel

    best homemade soap in usa

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