mens bar soaps

SGT. SUDS SOAP provides high-quality all, natural, honest Soap and hygiene items for dudes.

We understand what it means to work hard and put it all out there, whether in the gym, shop, deployment, beat, fire station, ring, or anywhere tough jobs happen.

We think Soap is a ritual and showering a transformation—an opportunity to reflect on the days, weeks, and months’ events.

It’s a chance to wash off all that grease, ash, blood, sweat, lead, and salt and start the day fresh.

To separate what you have to do, from what you love to do, and the people that rely on you.

We sell our men’s Soap and other products with the same work ethic and discipline we learned in the military, serving this great country that we love.

We are a brand for tough dudes who are not afraid to work hard and get their hands dirty.

We support the veterans who fight for this country, the law enforcement protecting this country, firefighters going into harm’s way, first responders, and everyday blue-collar heroes who built this country; with every purchase you make; we give back.


Founded in 2022 by former U.S. Navy SWCC Frederick Soule, SGT. SUDS SOAP LLC was designed to sell High-quality, natural, honest Soap and hygiene items for tough hombres.


SGT. SUDS stands for more than high-quality Soap. We are a Veteran-owned business operated by honorable, moral men and women who honor those who serve, protect, support, and build our country.